The K9 Kop Project

Dedication • Commitment • Loyalty


Our mission is to ensure that K9 units have support, equipment, or whatever finances they need to execute the critical operations they are tasked with every day to protect us from harm. We believe that by filling their unmet needs and by raising national awareness about their incredible courage, loyalty, and commitment to our safety, we are demonstrating our infinite gratitude for their selfless service.


We envision that the public will attain a heightened awareness of the special role that K9 units play in keeping us safe; that our efforts will inspire a groundswell of K9 support throughout the United States; and that no K9 unit’s need will remain unmet.




We are determined that the vital role played by our K9 units is never forgotten. Our creative thinking, our unparalleled determination, and our mission-focused fundraising activities all shine a light on their contributions to the safety of our communities.



Every dollar we raise goes directly to fill the unmet needs of K9 units. These needs include vehicles, vests, training, training equipment (such as decoy suits), leads, leashes, medical kits and a variety of other aids related to successful K9 missions.



We involve the community by including them in our events, reaching out to forge partnerships, and encouraging ‘meet and greet’ opportunities.



We don’t wait for K9 units to come to us for help. Instead, we reach out to them to ask what they need, and then we find a way to help.



Our finances are managed with a laser focus on integrity, honesty, and transparency.